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mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - France

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected at the 19th edition of the "Les toutes premières fois" ("The very first times") Festival. This festival is dedicated to director's first and second films only. It will be held from April, 2nd to April, 8th 2017 in Grasse (South France).



mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - USA

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected at the 2nd edition of the Open World Animation Festival. The festival will be held from March, 23nd to March, 26th 2017 in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA).



mishimasaiko-dandelion Screening - Japan

We are glad to announce Mishimasaiko's screening at the "Forest Movie screening party"! 

The screening party will be held outdoors from April, 29th to May, 6th 2017 in Yamanashi, Japan. This is a derivative event of Forest Movie Festival that was held last year and will occur at the same location.

Mishimasaiko will be screened from 7PM on May, the 6th in a special program including a feature film and a short film only.




mishimasaiko-dandelion Balaruc screening feedback

On Friday, March the 3rd Mishiamsaiko has been screened during a special evening dedicated to short films around the topic "The artist's gestures". It was an opportunity for me to introduce Minchi's artwork to an audience that is not used to such a colorful Japanese universe.

Feedbacks have been many and very positive, I have been asked many questions. So, I had many things to show and explain! The audience appreciated the dazzling colors of the film. People who appreciated the Japanese feeling and its very sober way of expressing feelings ...


Which always amuses us: in France, the film is seen as a Japanese film while in Japan, it is seen as a French film! The music has also been appreciated a lot thanks to its subtle "musical tale" aspect.

We spent a very nice evening for which we warmly thank the audience, Karim and Languedoc-Roussillon Cinéma !




Before the screening, Cyril is getting the devices ready under Karim's vigilant eye.

Checking the film's file is ok from beginning to end...

Ready !

The audience (about 100 people) is waiting for the screening to start.

Introducing the film.

And explaining how we worked, from the first sketches...

... to the final pictures.

mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - Italia

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected at the 18th edition of the Corti da Sogni Festival. The festival will be held from March, 22nd to March, 25th 2017 in Ravenna (Italia).