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mishimasaiko-dandelion Forest movie festival 2020

This year the Forest movie festival will be held online, from July 1st to July 31st.


Mishimasaiko will be screened in the same category as the previous year :

"Short film night" : On July 29, From 8PM to 9:30PM (Japan time).


Live distribution with ZOOM and YouTube LIVE



Forest movie festival 2020 Official website (Japanese language only)




mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - Spain

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected to the ANIMAC Film Festival. It will be held from February, 2nd to February, 25th in Lleida, Spain.



mishimasaiko-dandelion Festival award : Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

We are so glad to announce that Mishimasaiko won a new award! It won an "Honorable mention" in the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival . We are very pleased and honored and want to address our warmest thanks to the jury members and to the festival.


Here are the comments we received :
The strength, as well as the fragility, of nature are the subject of this poetic hero-story. Sophisticated animation techniques are focused on even the smallest details, creating a completely extraordinary aesthetic universe in manga style.

This is Mishimasaiko's 8th award. As it is dedicated to the nature theme, which is so important for the both of us, we are truly grateful!

None of us could attend the festival, but here are some pictures of the event on the official website :


mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - France

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected to the 9th edition of the Fantastic Film Festival of Rouen. It will be held from November, 3rd to November, 5th in Rouen. Mishimasaiko will be screened on the 3rd from 7PM.



mishimasaiko-dandelion Selection - Romania

We are very pleased to announce that Mishimasaiko has been selected to the 11th edition of the Kinofest International Film Festival (first and most important digital film festival in Romania).

It will be held from September, 22nd to September,24th in Bucharest. Almost 200 shortfilms will be grouped in 2 competitions and other interesting programs (Mishimasaiko is screened in the "world panorama program"). They will be screened at Energiea Pub, Cinema Elvira Popescu and Mansarda Lente.